Fur Ball
How an NFT sports community
helps to enrich lives and deliver
sporting community projects
NFT Project
Mint Date: TBA
What Is The Fur Ball
An engaged community of people who want to own an NFT that enriches and changes lives with true digital value.
Welcome to the Fur Ball Club, a web 3.0 football social club where your NFT doubles as your membership token and utility to the Fur Ball Club.
FBC aims to offer Football Fans across the globe not only access to some fantastic NFT artwork but to a whole world of rewards and levels of match-day experiences like never seen before here and in the Metaverse. Whilst helping to fund football projects for children and protect wild cats.
We will mint 5,000 Fur Ball Characters .08eth plus gas
Our first phase of Fur Ball Characters will be Football based and The King Of The Jungle will represent our first artwork and mints. We will have four levels of rarity based on the playing positions. This rarity will also be the backbone of our FBC rewards scheme.
#1 Striker 500
Fur Ball
#2 Goalkeeper 1000
#3 Midfielder 1500
#4 Defender 2000

Fur Ball Club will hold various events across the season, including our annual FBC event as always, the different levels within FBC will grant greater access, and there is more to be announced.

The FBC make a difference campaign Members will be able to nominate children's projects or apply for sponsorship for youth football. There will also be a pot to help endangered wild cats around the world. We will also be selecting worthy projects, and members will vote on which project we will undertake.

Commercial Rights
You will own the IP of your FBC NFT, and this means as we progress, and our characters gain exposure through our project roll out any used in external coverage, you as the owner will see the financial reward. These rewards will come as we collaborate with brands and ambassadors worldwide.

Fur Ball Club will collaborate with some of the world's best-known street and leisurewear to bring exclusive and high-quality merch to our FBC community. These unique garms will, in time, yield their own collectable value as well.

We will be creating FBC TV, where we will be hosting podcasts and YouTube lives with some of the biggest names in football, and you, as a member of FBC, will get access to meet and chat with the heroes of the game.

The FBC community is the heartbeat the hub of all we do, and our mission is to engage, inspire and empower all FBC members in our global movement. We bring together the Football community like no other, and our debates, projects, and exposure could and will shape football in the years to come. With innovative games and competitions there will always be something to talk about.

Our FBC program will always ensure that our look and feel remains, giving consistency and providing residual value. As an FBC member, you will always be our priority, and as such, any future NFT projects will always come to you first.

Our Three Core Values
"To Provide a rewarding NFT offering so that together we can help to enrich
the lives of our community and fund our Fur Ball Projects for children"
We will reward all our FBC members
with value driven commercial income
that will be unlocked through a phased
approach, with amazing experiences
and access to football like never before
FBC will always work hard to help and fund projects that will make a difference to the lives of children and wild cats through sport, we will always deliver
FBC will be the number one sporting NFT in helping enrich people's lives as the our community grows
Road Map
20% sold
40% sold
60% sold
80% sold
Creating a community
where everybody
We will start our weekly raffle,
giving 1 free FBC to the community
Launch of the community wallet giving Back to the FBC members
Fur Ball Predictor League. A chance to win prizes every week of the season
Launch Our Kits For Kids Campaign
and buy our land in the Metaverse
and vote on our first wild cat project
10 Eth giveaway
40 % Community Wallet
10% Community Vault
25% FBC Community Projects
25% FBC Group
Our innovative FBC Rewards scheme works in a sustainable way and will ensure that we spread the success of the project to those people who deserve it the most. Here is the matrix for secondary sales.